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I started a plenty of side projects that combine hospitality, real estate and tech.

Well, most of them failed.

One of them,Β Surf Office, has become my main business.
Some are still active:Β Epic Monday, Hoodpicker, Cowork&, and Hotel Nuggets.

⭐ Popular Posts

Fractional ownership of vacation rentals

Who never dreamed of a vacation home near the beach or mountains? A β€œstopper” for most people is the price and hassle of maintaining such a property. Startups like Pacaso are trying to solve this with fractional ownership.

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Unbundling Airbnb

There are only two ways to make money in business: One is to bundle; the other is to unbundle.Β So the idea behind unbundling of Airbnb is simple: Pick a niche use case with passionate but unsatisfied guests and then build a business around it.

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Buying a House in Amsterdam

The housing market in Amsterdam is crazy and buying a flat is extremely challenging. This is an article I’d have like to read when I started my journey. There will be many insights shared but no recommendations of specific services. No promotional bullshit.

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Remote work and business opportunities in hospitality

Remote work is here to stay and it opens plenty of opportunities for hospitality. The hospitality industry has been very reactive when it comes to new trends which presents an opportunity for those capable of predicting the near future (not rocket science, actually). It's time to build πŸ’ͺ

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Building a coworking cabin

I never planned to build a cabin.‍‍‍ First, I wanted to rent one, then I wanted to buy one. ‍‍It was only with desperation after having no luck with these first two attempts, that I decided to build one.

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πŸ“š Guides

How to start a glamping business with prefab houses

I'm absolutely passionate about the glamping business and the opportunities that prefab houses open. There is a huge disproportion between the price of prefab houses and how much you can charge for them on Airbnb.

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How to prepare your hotel for hosting company offsites

We have been hosting 100’s of retreats in dozens of properties all around the world over the last 4 years. My job for a while was to qualify these partners and I’d like to share some insights from this process.Β 

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The ultimate guide to starting a coliving business

I started a coliving business in 2013. We scaled it to 3 spaces in Spain, California, and Portugal. Then we pivoted, and changed the company into a completely different business (company retreats) while still keeping the brand.

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