Hey 👋 I'm Peter, nice to meet you.

I'm the founder of Surf Office, a one-stop shop for anyone organizing company retreats.

A few side-projects I'm involved in: Hoodpicker, Surfpreneurs Club and Epic Monday.

I write about my experiments that combine hospitality, real estate and tech.

You can reach me out on Twitter and Linkedin.

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8 types of coliving properties and concepts

Coliving is just a concept. Many types of properties can be easily converted into a coliving space. You can convert a hotel, hostel, villa, or even a motel into a coliving space relatively easily.

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The ultimate guide to starting a coliving business and opening your first space

I started a coliving business in 2013. We scaled it to 3 spaces in Spain, California, and Portugal. Then we pivoted, and changed the company into a completely different business (company retreats) while still keeping the brand.

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9 tricks for vacation rentals to get more bookings in the low season

It’s one of the biggest headaches for property owners; getting bookings in mid and low seasons. I’ve been partly involved in the property business for a few years now, and these are just some of the tricks that I’ve learned along the way to boost bookings.

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What is an ideal number of rooms to open a coliving space?

Starting small is the right way to build a brand but it's difficult to make a profitable business out of it. You need a certain number of rooms to make your unit economics work. In my experience, the minimum number of rooms to start is ideally 20 or more.

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How can your independent hotel get more group bookings?

Almost all hotels want to attract groups but very few actually figure out how to do it. I’m going to share some tactics and knowledge I’ve learned over the years to get them in this article.

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Building a marketplace for prefab houses using “no code” tools

In the past, when you wanted to build a web app or tool, coding skills were a necessity. Today, however, there are plenty of options available for those of us with more limited coding knowledge to find success.

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How to organize a Coworking Day event

Being an organizer of a coworking day is a great opportunity to connect with the local community. I found it as a fantastic “hack” when you move to a new city and want to quickly create connections with like-minded people.

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Gran Canaria for digital nomads and expats: The ultimate guide for Las Palmas

My first touch with Gran Canaria was about 10 years ago when I purchased a cheap Ryanair flight and escaped a cold, European winter for 10 days. Since then I fell in love with this beautiful island.

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Building a coworking cabin

I never planned to build a cabin.‍‍‍ First, I wanted to rent one, then I wanted to buy one. ‍‍It was only with desperation after having no luck with these first two attempts, that I decided to build one.

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Calculating Lisbon's tourism density score: how many tourists are too many?

But how do we define some locations on a map as touristy and others not? Can we measure the level of “touristy-ness”? What would be the formula? ‍

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